A natural spectacle

Holiday apartments with the perfect view

Freshly baked bread rolls and the sight of deer grazing at the edge of the wood for a great start to your day. A large garden where children can play and adults relax. All around Nestl, Mother Nature has many gifts in store for you …

Nestl Apartments - Bauernhof mit Kindern - Schafe

Laughing, playing,

spending time together ...

here’s to the simple pleasures that make life great. While children have the time of their life playing in our garden – a natural adventure park equipped with a trampoline and slide – adults enjoy some well-deserved relaxation on the deckchairs, taking in the mountain view. The leaves rustle soothingly in the summer breeze. The scent of herbs fills the pure mountain air. Nature works its magic, reaching deep within. You can hear the soft mooing of the cows that are spending the winter months at the nearby farm. In the early morning, when Karl the farmer feeds the cows and hens, children are welcome to join him in the barn to say hello to the animals. In the evening, a nice barbecue in the garden is the perfect crowning to a fun-packed day.


your holiday

Can you imagine a better start to your day than taking your time to enjoy a tasty breakfast? You can have crispy bread specialities from the bakery delivered daily to your apartment. All you need to do is place an order the day before. If you feel like treating yourself, you can book a table at the nearby Ratschingserhof hotel, where your palate will be spoilt with a delectable five-course dinner served in a lovely atmosphere. In the town of Vipiteno, also in the vicinity of Nestl, there are a number of starred restaurants and excellent pizzerias as well.



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