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The many facets of a holiday in Vipiteno

Medieval castles, museums, art treasures … Take a walk through the old town centre and participate in the events to get to know the locals. Welcome to Vipiteno, a place of beauty and variety.

Nestl Apartments - Sterzinger Altstadt aus dem Fenster


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Spending a holiday at Nestl is a great opportunity for exploring the picturesque old town of Sterzing, one of the most beautiful small towns in Italy. Let your gaze wander from the colourful facades to the quaint alleys lined with shops and boutiques. If you are feeling adventurous, you can explore the deep ore galleries of the Museum of Mining in Ridanna. A visit to Castle Tasso/Reifenstein, with its ancient kitchen and Green Hall will take you back to the Middle Ages for a couple of hours. Have you ever heard a bear roar? In the South Tyrolean Museum of Hunting and Fishing at Wolfsthurn Castle, young and old have the chance to listen to many animal sounds. In autumn, Vipiteno spreads out its red carpets, turning into a shopping mile and culinary hotspot. During the Advent period, the town comes alive with the thousand lights of the Christmas market. Take a stroll among the stalls brimming with interesting locally crafted items and culinary specialities, and warm up to a mug of mulled wine. Get a spectacular start to the New Year with the New Year's Show in Racines, including magnificent fireworks. A holiday at Nestl is an experience many want to repea!



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